Pantry Donation Event

Needed supplies:

Welcome any time:

Feminine Hygiene Products (pads only – no tampons) 
Shampoo and Conditioner 
Laundry Soap 
Dish Soap 
Toilet Paper 
Paper Towels 
Bars of soap 
Takis (chips) 
Maseca Flour 
Vegetable Oil 
Baking treats that only need water (brownie's etc)
Our Stella Schola community has the chance to donate needed supplies to help fill the Rose Hill/Stella on-site Pantry, serving both RHMS and Stella Families.  Feel free to drop off donations at the office any day between 8a-4p as well as on Hello Days.
We are excited to make a difference in this unprecedented time for families.  Food Banks don't always have soap, paper goods, hygiene items etc so this is filling a gap for many families.

RHMS Pantry
You can also direct ship your online purchase to:
Stella Schola Middle School
13505 NE 75th St.
Redmond, WA  98052-4032
Stella Star


Thank You Stella Families for your January Donation

Thank You for all of the donations still rolling in!  We appreciate everything you are doing Stella Families!

Stella Families Giving Back! Hello-Day Pantry Donation

Pantry donation 12.9.2020