Students who would like to take Geometry for High School Credit so they can take Algebra 2 in 9th grade can take Geometry online for credit, with their LWSD Middle School Counselor approval. 


  1. Fill out this form: Appendix C – Request for Out of District Credit
  2. Email it to your middle school counselor for pre-approval so they are aware of your plan: Steffany Black,
  3. Sign up for the class with BYU Independent Study High School Courses (Part 1 GEOM 041, and Part 2 GEOM 043) or other LWSD approved provider on the OSPI list and complete the course. The current BYU price is $199 for each class, subject to change. 
  4. Email your HS counselor with the documentation of the completed course upon completion so they can add it to your transcript and schedule the appropriate math class in the fall.