Welcome Back!  We are so excited to see you! The following is an overview of the Attestation Procedures to help keep everyone safe.

1. Please do not come to school sick.  If you have symptoms, please stay home and join remotely if you feel well enough to do so.

2. Take your temperature at home every morning (this tends to be the most accurate).

3. All students attest online through Skyward every morning (computer or phone app). Every student that has a phone should download the App so they can show the green check mark as proof of attesting online. For those students who don't have a phone, staff will verify they attested on Skyward. Secondary Students can attest for themselves. There will be paper forms as backup,  if tech goes down for any reason.

4.When arriving, stay 6 feet apart from others.  There are blue dots painted 6 ft. apart, on the cement for reference.

5. Wait for your turn to show proof of attesting (green checkmark on phone), hand sanitizing and last temp check before entering classrooms.

6. For additional information, including videos click the link below for the LWSD district "Pathway Forward" page.

Pathway Forward for additional Information