Virtual Information Night - Fall 2020

Stella Schola Middle School:

Stella Schola

13505 NE 75th Street
Redmond 98052
(425) 936-2475
Grades 6-8
Established 2000

All choice schools offer different programs.  Participating in a choice school requires commitment to the school's vision, goals, and expectations.  

As with any choice school, it is important that families consider whether Stella Schola  is a good choice for their child and family. This page is designed to highlight key points to consider in deciding whether to submit an application for the Stella Schola lottery.  In addition to the information presented here, we encourage you to browse our full website for more detailed information about the school and to help you make the best informed decision about whether Stella would be a good fit for your student and family.  

MLK Day Stella Values
  • Maximum 90 students, grades 6-8
  • Challenging academics based on historical themes and integrated with literature and narratives
  • Students remain with the same teacher all day, providing strong support and a personalized learning environment
  • Hands-on learning activities, projects, and field experiences
  • Latin taken by all students in grade 7
  • One-to-one student mentoring at sixth grade
  • Honors distinction available for students who earn it in History and English in grades 7 and 8
  • Elective options including band, orchestra and fitness in grades 6 and 7
  • Elective options including band, orchestra, fitness, consumer life skills, ceramics, Spanish 1 and French 1 in grade 8
  • Field Trips reinforcing curriculum and concepts learned in class



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Stella Information Night

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  • Application Timeline 

Stella Staff

  • Meet our deeply devoted Stella Staff


  • Rigorous Academics combined with hands-on experiential learning

Student Transportation

  • Transportation options for Stella students

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  • Standardized test scores 

FAQ's About Stella

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