Honor Society

STELLA SCHOLA CHAPTER of National Junior Honor Society (established in 2004) currently has 47 members.
Advisor: Mrs. Tennis

STELLA SCHOLA CHAPTER of National Junior Honor Society, est. 2004

National Junior Honor Society is composed of students enrolled at Stella Schola Middle School who have demonstrated the characteristics of excellent scholarship (with a 3.5 grade average or above), character, citizenship, service, and leadership.

Nominees receive applications in March if students have maintained a 3.5 semester grade average or above, and the selection process continues forward from there. Students have the opportunity to join the National Latin Honor Society in the seventh grade.

Honor Society members participate in various service activities throughout the school year, including an annual Hopelink food drive, staff car washes, assistance with social events, book donations, clothing for the people of Amatrice (Italy), coins for the victims of Katrina, talent shows for local retirement homes, raising funds for homeless pets, donating soccer balls to the Water Wells for Africa project, and giving academic assistance to students who wish help at our school. Activities and meetings are kept to a minimum in support of the academic focus which honor society student have. The Honor Society Advisor is Mrs. Tennis.

Counting coins for helping the victims of the hurricane called Katrina (left).