Activities & Clubs

Stella Schola offers various after school clubs to enrich the curriculum. Clubs are approved by the PTO and held on campus after hours. Clubs are open to Stella students only and may vary from year to year based on the availability of parents to run the clubs. Some extra-curricular clubs may require a fee to participate. Stella students may not participate in clubs at other schools schools.

In the past, clubs have included Ski Club (Wednesdays in January and February), Chess Club, Math Club, Yoga Club, Book Club, and Coding Club.

  • Ski Club
    Stella Schola students enjoy participating in Ski Club on Wednesdays in January and February!Homework on those 6 Wednesdays is minimal so students can enjoy skiing!
  • Chess Club
    Stella Schola students can join Chess Club on a weekly basis. Chess improves logical thinking skills and reinforces geometry skills learned in class.
  • Yoga Club
    Taught by licensed yoga instructor, Stella Schola students participate improving their flexibility, coordination, posture and cardiovascular conditioning as they participate for one hour a week in April and May.
  • Coding Club
    Students participate in a 6 week course attending once a week to learn to coding, including Python.
  • Athletics
    Since Stella Schola is a choice school, students can choose to participate in sports programs at their home middle school, or at Rose Hill Middle (dependent on open spots on the team).
  • Dance Parties
    Stella Schola offers three opportunities each year for students to enjoy participating in Dance Parties! Everyone dances and has a great time with friends!
  • Ice Skating
    The Stella Schola PTO sponsors an annual ice skate night for the entire family!

Ski Club

Boys playing chess