Student-to-Student Mentoring

At Stella Schola Middle School, we feel the school setting is an excellent place to teach our students the art of kindness, consideration, & cooperation through a one-on-one student mentoring program.

Eighth graders begin their formal mentoring program in the spring of 7th grade and build on skills including how to be a good role model and how to make friends with Ms. Ronning-Larson. After assisting with the sixth grade orientation in June, incoming eighth graders write letters to their new friends over the summer and many even include their phone numbers so that in-coming students can call them over the summer if they have questions about school.

Each sixth grader is assigned an eighth grade mentor for the year. Monthly activities/lessons are guided and supervised by Ms. Ronning-Larson (8th grade teacher) and Ms. Midboe (6th grade teacher).

Themes include:

  • Building Team
  • Acceptance
  • Citizenship
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Academic Responsibility
  • Conflict Management
  • Maturity
  • Community Service
 Mentor Activity
Mentor Activity


We know that learning to assist others and to empathize with others is an essential skill in today's world. Each eighth grade student is paired with both a sixth grade student and seventh grade student forming a  triad for activities.

Mentor Activity