Sixth Grade Academics


6th Grade Classes:

Math 6+

 Science 6

 English 6

Ancient Civilizations

Art 1

Elective Choice at Rose Hill Middle School

(PE, Band or Orchestra)


The over all theme for the school is, “Grasp the Past: the building blocks of the future are laid upon the foundations of the past.” Each grade level integrates subjects around historical sub themes which fit under the year-long umbrella theme. The sixth grade year is divided up into the following thematic units:

  • September/October/November: Blast into the Past…a New Point of View
  • December/January/February/March: Don’t Judge a Mummy by its Wrapping
  • March/April/May/June: It’s All Greek to Me…Does it Have to Be?

Field trips are an important part of learning and provide excellent hands-on experiences in the real world. Outings will be scheduled periodically for each grade level to enhance the curriculum.

Sixth Grade Field Trips:

  • Start Up Challenge (first week of school!)
  • Overnight Camp
  • Theater Visit
  • Science Circus
  • Chocolate Surprise
  • Spirit Adventure
  • Whale Watching
2022 6th Grade Heritage
2023-24 6th Gd Science 1023