Seventh Grade Academics

YEAR-LONG THEME 7th grade will cover "Since Time Immemorial to Reconstruction with   additional Indigenous narratives from the point of first contact through Reconstruction.

History * English * Math * Science * Latin

Field trips are an important part of learning and provide excellent hands-on experiences in the real world. Outings are scheduled periodically for each grade level to enhance the curriculum.

Seventh Grade Field Trips:

  • September Spirit Adventure
  • Aqueduct Day
  • Rock Climbing
  • Botany Field Study
  • Fencing Classes (5)
  • Sailing Adventure

Students should expect regular, daily homework. Homework is relevant and reinforces the lessons taught at school. Seventh grade students should expect to spend a minimum of one to two hours each evening on homework.

2021 7th Grade Botany 2
Fencing Field Trip
2021-22 7th Grade English
7th Grade Rock Climbing 2021
2021-22 7th Grade Academics
7th Grade Rock Climbing 2021