Seventh Grade Academics


7th Grade Classes

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Science


Social Studies 

Art 2

Elective Choice at Rose Hill Middle School

(Robotics, Engineering & Design, 3D Art, Ceramics, International Foods, PE, Band, Orchestra)


Field trips are an important part of learning and provide excellent hands-on experiences in the real world. Outings are scheduled periodically for each grade level to enhance the curriculum.

Seventh Grade Field Trips:

  • September Spirit Adventure
  • Overnight Camp
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cultural Center
  • Fencing Classes  
  • Sailing Adventure


2021 7th Grade Botany 2
Fencing Field Trip
2021-22 7th Grade English
7th Grade Rock Climbing 2021
2021-22 7th Grade Academics
7th Grade Rock Climbing 2021