National Latin Exam

Stella Schola students take two years of Latin. Each March, students test their knowledge by participating in the National Latin Exam.

In mid-March, seventh grade students at Stella Schola Middle School in Lake Washington School District participated in the National Latin Exam.The one-hour test consisted of 40 questions ranging from Latin root words, verb conjugations, and case endings (e.g. genitive, nominative, accusative, etc) to questions regarding a multi-paragraph Latin story which students had to translate in their heads. “It was not as hard as I thought it would be and I was surprised at how much I knew,” commented one Latin student, “Our hard work in class paid off!”

Over 150,000 students took the National Latin Exam this year, including all 50 US states and 11 foreign countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, New Zealand, Poland, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, and, for the first time, students from Brazil.

Many students from Stella Schola Middle School placed very well on the national level, earning certificates of merit and a purple ribbon. A few students scored in the top five percent in the nation on the exam.