Eighth Grade Academics

The over all theme for the school is, “Grasp the Past: the building blocks of the future are laid upon the foundations of the past.” Each grade level integrates subjects around the following historical sub themes:

  • September/October: Explore Your World!
  • November/December/January: Liberty or Death …What Would You Choose?
  • February/March/April: Fight for What is Right
  • April/May/June: No Man is an Island…

Field trips are an important part of learning and provide excellent hands-on experiences in the real world. Outings will be scheduled periodically for each grade level to enhance the curriculum.

Eighth Grade Field Trips:

  • September Spirit Adventure
  • Science Experience (3 days, 2 nights)
  • Maze Geography Outing
  • Sociology Observation Excursion
  • Ballet Cultural Enrichment
  • Gospel Mission Service Day
  • GPS Day
  • Orienteering Excursion
  • Whale Watching
  • Legal Court Case
  • Zoology Adventure
  • Washington DC Exploration (6 days, 5 nights)

Students should expect regular, daily homework. Homework is relevant and reinforces the learning which is done at school. Eighth grade students should expect to spend a minimum of 90 minutes each evening on homework.

8th Great Science


8th Grade English
8th Grade Science
Science Field Trip 8th Grade
8th Grade Science

Community Service Field Trip

Community Service Field Trip

Whale Watch Field Trip

Whale Watching