Integrated Science-Health 6th Grade
(2 semesters required)
Thiscourse provides 6th graders with a basic background in life/earth science. Emphasis is placed on the study of the human body, microscope usage to explore cells, and to expand student knowledge of the Earth’s materials and structures including the awareness of the continuous changes in and on the earth and in Puget Sound.Activities allow students to become familiar with basic lab safety and procedural direction following. Students gain an understanding of scientific procedures. Health is integrated into the course as students develop their self-awareness while increasing their ability to make healthy choices based on their acquired knowledge. Topics range from conflict resolution, goal setting, communication, and drug abuse resistance skills, nutrition, human growth and development and HIV/AIDS (in the spring).


Science 7th Grade (2 semesters required)
Seventh grade science actively involves students in the scientific processes of observing, hypothesizing, predicting, communicating, experimenting, and collecting and interpreting data to include experiences through which students construct and reinforce scientific concepts such as astronomy, matter, introductory chemistry, optics, and specifically botany. Students journal their observations and receive instruction on the basics of a lab write up. Health is integrated into the curriculum. Students engage in hands-on exploration of materials, and lab equipment, enabling them to effectively build science concepts.


Science 8th Grade  (2 Semesters Required)

Science knowledge is expanded through the study of the systems of science, including ecology, global warming, and scientific experiment development. The animal kingdom is studied as student awareness of the placement of each animal in the Earth’s ecosystem is realized. Lab participation and reports are required.

During the second semester of 8th grade students explore the principles of Newtonian physics through various hands-on activities which are integrated into the core subjects. Concepts in chemistry are built on through cooking and labs, and students put their knowledge into action on outdoor trips. Health challenges students to make responsible, informed choices about how their body and mind work together and the changes they will experience as they mature.  Continued instruction including the district required Human Growth & Development, HIV/AIDS instruction, and drug/alcohol resistance education are taught.


7th Grade Science 102021
8th Grade Science 10.22.2021
7th Grade Botany 2021