Sixth Grade Math (2 semesters required)
The goal of sixth grade math is to create a math environment where students will see and understand math as an integral and interesting part of life. The course will review the basic facts of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of whole numbers and decimals, as well as the addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators. Students will work on graphing and statistics; algebra, basic percent, ratio and probability; perimeter and area; as well as discovering various estimating and problem solving strategies. Students will use a rubric scoring guide and support the six traits of writing through the problem solving process of Mathematical Reasoning and Explanation problems. Students will focus on improving their problem-solving skills as well as their mental math skills.

Seventh Grade Math (2 semesters required)
The seventh grade general math program provides a transition from the basic skills learned in last year to the upper levels of specialized math found in high school programs. Students develop a personal number sense, demonstrate proportional reasoning skills, develop algebraic concepts, extend shape and dimension applications, receive instruction on basic geometry, and develop logical thinking skills. Throughout the course of study, students develop as mathematical problem solvers and learn to communicate mathematically through Mathematical Reasoning and Explanation problems. As students develop a strong foundation, they acquire self-confidence in mathematics, and make connections between mathematics and real life.

Eighth Grade Algebra I (2 semesters required) This 8th grade course is the culmination of middle school mathematics , and prepares students for successful courses in high school math, and geometry I. Students should have successfully completed the 7th grade mathematics requirements. Mastery of basic operations is essential, and students must have a basic knowledge of integers, percents, ratios, proportions, introductory algebra and basic geometry.Material covered in this course included exponential and scientific notation, ratios, probability, transformations, and linear equations. Throughout this course, students to become fluent in the use of math symbols, sets, properties of numbers and equalities so that he/she can understand the mathematics presented and express himself precisely. Student work revolves around the application of the above concepts to develop techniques for writing open sentence equations, transforming equations and inequalities, solving algebraic equations, operating with polynomials, factoring graphing and solving systems of equations. Students continue to strengthen their problem solving skills through increasingly difficult Mathematical Reasoning and Explanation problems. After successfully completing this course, the student will be well prepared for the LWSD Geometry I course in the 9th grade.