Ancient Civilizations 6th Grade
(2 semesters required)
In this course designed for 6th graders, the key social studies’ goals include respecting the dignity of each individual, recognizing similarities and differences, accepting diversity, learning about independence and interdependence, the development of citizenship skills, and committing to justice, equality and fairness. These goals are met during a comprehensive study of the Eastern Hemisphere from the earliest known civilization through Classic Greece. An ongoing study of current events adds diversity and interest. Geography, graphing, charting and mapping skills are integrated as they relate to what students study. The students become better citizens with a more developed sense of fairness and equality. They are able to use and understand maps, charts and graphs. They know what is taking place in the world around them. They understand why civilization started and how it grew and changed over time.

Ancient Rome to Renaissance 7th Grade
(2 semesters required)
In this course students build upon the foundation build in the sixth grade by centering on civilization’s spread to Europe and the Middle East beginning with ancient Rome and progressing through the Middle Ages into the early Renaissance. In each unit, students will investigate the culture of the people that live in that particular part of the world. Student attention will focus on the physical, economic, social, religious, and political patterns of that area. Methods of learning include the textbook, maps, lectures, reports and videos all related to the area of study. Students will also do projects involving other core classes as well as an interdisciplinary approach. As a result, students will better understand their world around them. This will help students become more aware and informed about our ever-changing world for the development of our young people as organized and responsible members of society. Students will also be required to produce a current event report every month as per a rubric handed out in class.

US History & WA State History 8th Grade
(2 semesters required)
This course offers students a look into America’s past, focusing on the time period from exploration through the Civil War in the first semester, and then from 1865 to the present in the second semester. In this challenging curriculum, students have an opportunity to study the US Constitution, Civics, Economics, Manifest Destiny, Immigration, the giants of industry and the relationship these social sciences have with United States History. Washington State history will be covered with Westward Expansion. Students will examine the influence of culture and key individuals on United States, world, and Washington State history, as well as the American Indian as first inhabitants of Washington. Many activities will focus upon student involvement and projects which require students to work in teams. Activities include debating, presentations incorporating fine arts, and role playing. Computers may be used for various projects.Basic geography will be integrated as well as rigorous reading and essay tests at the end of each unit. Students will produce a monthly current event as per the rubric handed out in class.