Stella Schola recognizes the importance of developing the whole person – not just skills and facts, but the intellect and heart as well. Stella Schola combines the contemporary and traditional with rigorous study of ancient and modern cultures including multiple narratives and viewpoints, truly ensuring our students are exposed to, learn about, and understand the importance of multiple perspectives. Our students are exposed to ideas and values that have shaped civilizations around the world and throughout history. We intend to inspire a love of learning. Stella students leave Stella with the skills needed to pursue their learning in high school and beyond.

6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are at a critical time in their academic career. The Stella Schola model of a 30-student cohort in each of the three grades means our students form lasting friendships and relationships that follow them long after they leave Stella Schola. Collaboration and learning how to successfully work within teams, both large and small, is a cornerstone of the Stella experience and is a practice that prepares our students for success far beyond school and into the workplace.

Along with the close-knit community at Stella, each grade has a wide range of experiential field experiences that take them both near and far. We explore science studies, historical field trips, art experiences and more.  We take our students out into the world to enrich their learning in ways that can be hard to replicate in other environments. The Stella experience is truly special.


English, Social Studies, Science, Art, & Speech will be integrated (as much as possible) into the historical themes at each grade level. Math is an essential part of the curriculum and is taught daily in it's own time-slot. 

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8th Grade Science 10.22.2021

Stella Schola Wins Stem Competition! 2023 Future City Competition Washington State Champions.