2022 Stella New Family Information PowerPoint. Click on the Star below to view.

2022 Stella New Family Information

Enrollment and Lottery Process

Stella Schola is open to all students in the district. Students must apply during the application window to be considered for enrollment in the school.

Choice School application timeline for 2023-24 

  • November 1, 2022 – Online application opens at 9:00 a.m.  
  • December 2, 2022 – Online application due by 11:59 p.m.  
  • January 6, 2023 – Lottery held at district 
  • January 13, 2023 – Notification to families  
  • January 25, 2023 – Acceptance deadline
  • January 26, 2023- Moving on the Waitlist
  • February 2, 2023 - The 2023-24 6th Grade Class is now full

Stella Schola

13505 NE 75th Street, Redmond 98052
Grades 6-8

Stella Star
  • Maximum 90 students, grades 6-8
  • Challenging academics based on historical themes and integrated with science and literature. 
  • Strong Math & Science curriculum with practical hands-on activities and field work.
  • Students remain with their classmates as a cohort of 30 providing strong teacher and peer support and a personalized learning environment.
  • Emphasis on developing analytical thinking, collaboration, effective communication  & problem solving skills.
  • One-to-one student mentoring in sixth grade.
  • Elective options including Band, Orchestra, PE, 3D Art, Robotics, Engineering Design & Modeling, and Spanish 1 and French 1 for High School credit beginning in 8th Grade.

All 5th grade students residing within the Lake Washington School District boundaries at the time of the lottery are welcome to apply to Stella Schola Middle School. The lottery is held during the student's 5th grade year. Acceptance is determined solely by the district run lottery system so that all who apply have an equal chance to attend. Those who are not chosen will be put on a wait list for a three year period. Maximum enrollment at Stella Schola is 90 students. While the lottery is conducted for incoming 6th graders, older students may apply also, but will be placed on the waitlist behind the original lottery waitlist conducted in the 5th grade.

Stella Schola District Video

2023-2024 Lottery

The 2023-24 6th Grade class is now full. Our Next Number to call if anything changes is #66

The number on your district lottery email sent on Friday Jan. 13th, 2023 is your number for the waitlist.  

Once you accept a spot at a choice school, your name will be removed from all other choice school lists. 

2022-2023 Current Waitlists

All Classes are currently full (30 students per grade 6th-8th).  

2022-23 6th Grade: Next Number to Call #74

2022-23 7th Grade: Next Number to Call #139

2022-23 8th Grade: Next Number to Call #99 

Transportation for Choice Schools 

Parents/guardians of students who attend Choice Schools must arrange their own transportation. There is a paid Choice School Shuttle that runs from Evergreen MS, Inglewood MS and Redmond Elementary to Stella Schola and back again each school day. The 2022-23 Fee was $375 per year but is subject to change for the 2023-24 year.

Choice School Applications

Applicants should apply online to each Choice School they are considering.

If your child has previously applied to a Choice School and is on a waitlist, do not re-apply to that school. Your child's waitlist spot is carried forward each year.

After completing the online application, the applicant will receive a confirmation email from the system indicating that the application has been received. Incomplete applications will not be processed as part of the lottery. If you are unable to access the online application, please contact Clarissa Decoux at the Resource Center at 425-936-1219 or

A lottery and/or wait list system is used to place students when applications exceed vacancies. Choice School lotteries are run centrally at the district office. Lottery numbers are generated for each student through the use of a random sequence generator. The district will notify parents of their student's lottery number(s) following the district lottery.