A Real Star

Seventh grade students purchased a real star to celebrate the opening of the school Stella Schola! This star was copyrighted on the fifth of September 2000, and is permanently recorded in the Star Record Book (Library of Congress ISBN 1-877782-15-7).

The star is officially called “Stella Schola 2000”, and its celestial address is 00 hours, 50 minutes, 16.402 seconds with a declination of –15degrees 52’ 43.30” Epoch 2000 in the constellation of Cetus.

Cetus is the fourth largest constellation in the sky. The ancient Greeks knew it as the monster that was about to attack Andromeda (Perseus destroyed it). Ancient Mesopotamians identified it as the cosmic dragon slain by the hero Marduk. Later this constellation came to represent the WHALE that consumed Jonah. His head is a group of stars near Taurus and Aries and his body and tail point towards Aquarius. Stella Schola 2000 is located in the head of Cetus, the whale.