Supply List

  • Large (1.5 – 2 in.) three ring binder (metal ring kind)
  • Pencil pouch
  • Sharpened pencils (mechanical pencils are fine, but be sure you have lead and a few regular pencils as back up)
  • Black/blue ball point pens (not the erasable kind)
  • Large eraser (Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser is best)
  • Ruler
  • Notebook paper (put in back of notebook) – WHITE PAPER ONLY
  • Centimeter grid paper (will be used in math closer to Spring)
  • Eight subject dividers (we’ll write on them during the first week of school)
  • Scissors (Not the small kind; yes, we do use these a lot!)
  • Glue stick (not the liquid kind)
  • Correcting pens (non-black; not marker)
  • Highlighters for note-taking
  • Colored pens (thin) for art
  • Large set of colored pencils for art (not Crayola or Roseart, they are too waxy)
  • Assorted colors of regular-sized Sharpie permanent markers
  • One or two black regular black Sharpie markers
  • One fine-tipped black Sharpie marker
  • Single subject spiral notebook (70 pages is fine)
  • Small paperback dictionary
  • Flash drive (for laptops) marked so you can identify it
  • A family-sized box of Kleenex for our class
  • A container/package of wet anti-bacterial wipes for our class
  • Two reams of paper for school photocopying (one white and one color)
    • These items are for first semester. There will be a second round of paper, Kleenexes, and wipes needed for second semester around January.
  • A book to read (you should always have a book in your desk to read during silent reading in the mornings)
  • Inexpensive calculator (optional)
  • Small, hand-held and quiet pencil sharpener (optional)
  • Water bottle to keep discretely under your desk (optional)
  • Thesaurus, not electronic kind, please (optional)
  • Headphones (earbuds) for laptops (optional)
  • Mouse for your laptop (optional)
  • Stella Schola will provide a planner to put in the front of your notebook